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Auktion 145: Selections - Wertvolle Bücher, Dekorative Graphik, Historische Photographie. 15.12.2022


Jeschke Jádi Auctions Berlin

Jeschke Jádi Auctions Berlin

Hans-Joachim Jeschke
Balázs Jadi

Potsdamerstr. 16
DE-14163 Berlin

+49 (0)30 226 677 0-0

+49 (0)30 226 677 0-199

The auction house at the center of Berlin

The auction house was founded in 1990 in West Berlin, having its headquarter in the Schöneberg Winterfeldstraße for many years. Initially, the offered range included primarily valuable books and decorative prints. There are additionally regular auctions of art and graphic art since 1994. In 2004, larger premises in central Berlin were opened. This not only allowed an adequate presentation of the art works but also made possible selected solo exhibitions.

With Hans van Vliet joining the management in 2004 a representative office in Paris could be opened, which attends mainly to French and Italian clients, and which benefited the international orientation of the house.

Management Board:
Hans-Joachim Jeschke, Hans van Vliet

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